Susan Farquhar


Kanga Night
Paper Sculpture
30″ x 22″

A Place Sometime
Paper Sculpture
18.25″ x 18″

Artist Bio

Susan Farquhar grew up in North Bay, began her Visual Art BFA at the University of Guelph and completed it at York University in the early 1980’s. Soon after she studied professional fine art printing in lithography at Open Studio in Toronto working with artists such as Harold Klunder, Louis de Niverville, Ron Bolt and Yves Gaucher. Susan and her partner Robert Game went on to work in a private print studio Novak Graphics from 1983 to 1989. Susan and Robert continued to work with artists as professional fine art printers until 2013 when they closed their own studio Atelier GF. Over their careers they produced lithographs, etchings, relief and silkscreen prints for artists such as John Chamberlain, Dorothea Rockburne, Malcolm Morley, Anne Meredith Barry, John Hartman and Alice Tiechert as well as prints for the John Lennon and Miles Davis estates. Early in her career Susan worked mainly in lithography and participated in group shows in Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland. Her landscape-based imagery was developed from drawings and watercolours done on trips to Northern Ontario. Fifteen years ago she began to work more in unique media and produce solo exhibits for Ferneyhough Contemporary in North Bay and David Kaye Gallery in Toronto.

Extended exposure to a variety of artists’ works has stimulated a continuing process of examination and change in artistic practice. The writings of Dr. Margi Prideaux an independent academic in wildlife policy and law who outlines the conflict between international government/corporate strategies and conservation processes has been the current focus in Susan’s work. WILD TAPESTRY, her 2017 exhibit at David Kaye Gallery imagined Prideaux’s positive vision of a dynamic world-wide tapestry in this climate changed world: our planet nurtured by its animals and people potentially living cooperatively.

Susan was awarded the Artist in Residence at the Women’s Art Association of Canada for 2018 – 2019. This opportunity brought her back into working with artists again. Through printmaking workshops, weekly hands on sessions, gallery visits, a group print show and a solo exhibit Susan shared her inspiration and experience with this art-wise community.

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Instagram: @susanfarquhar108


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