Ted Scott


20″ x 15″ unframed

15″ x 20″ unframed

Artist Statement

Ted Scott strives – always – to make beautiful images. Photography allows him to preserve beauty so that he can enjoy that otherwise-fleeting quality whenever. Other than documenting beauty he hopes to create it.

Many of Ted’s pictures are somewhat ambiguous to viewers. Some images are extracted in various ways from ordinary scenes, and the identity of the original subject lost in that translation from scene to print, from three dimensions to two dimensions, on purpose.

Sometimes, the highest levels of technique are invaluable, at other times they are irrelevant. Some images are created by movement, or layer by layer, one fragment after another, so that the final image is not documentary but an accumulation of selected pieces, a re-assembly, a new image.

Ted hopes his pictures are evocative, and the viewers’ imaginations and life-experiences will create for them personal interpretations of my images.

Artist Contact

Contact: ted@tedscott.com

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