Teresa Davies


30″ x 15″

Shine Through
20″ x 16″

Artist Statement

I have loved to draw and paint since I was a child always cherishing the opportunity when it arose. I always felt that I saw the world differently than my family like shadows and the way the sunlight hits different things. I have some training in art in high school and in college but mostly it haveexperimented myself. When I was younger I loved the life drawing and took several courses yearly to keep a loose hand. Then I started painting and fell in love with watercolors after trying several mediums and painted frequently. I loved to set up my easel and paint in any spot that drew me. After getting married and having kids I slowly had less and less time to paint and almost stopped altogether. My partner and friend slowly drew me back into my art happy place. The kids are now grown and have their own lives and now I’m trying to immerse myself in this beautiful world again. I now mostly work in acrylics but recently tried watercolors again and will be definitely dabbling in this more.

I have always been influenced by the great outdoors. My childhood was spent in the Scugog region and never run out of painting references. 16  years ago we bought a trailer at Lake St Peter in Hastings. I was amazed at all the beautiful countryside. Beautiful Algonquin Park has influenced so many artists in the past and captured me as well. No matter the weather I’m always trying to get out there to see my beautiful surroundings and try to bring that feeling into my paintings.

Artist Contact

Contact: tromain22@gmail.com


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