Wendy Weaver


Hanging by a Thread
Mixed Media
16″ x 22″

Summer, 2020
Mixed Media
24″ x 30″

Artist Statement

My paintings sometimes are simply for fun, others are triggered by emotions, real events or by discoveries in readings and the art of other painters. I like exploring abstraction in free and impulsive ways while hoping to include something meaningful or interesting for the viewer.

My work reflects how life is messy, inscrutable, and always multi-layered. Everything is impermanent and unpredictable so joys (colours, textures, weird shapes in paintings) need to be seized and enjoyed whenever possible.

Artist Bio


Wendy Weaver has a four year Diploma in Fine Art (Honours) from the Ontario College of Art and Design.

She has enjoyed workshops across North America (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, New Brunswick and New Mexico) and in Italy.

After the exhibition in the Upjohn Gallery, WAAC, March 2017, her work was in the Etobicoke Art Group (EAG) 53th Annual Juried Exhibition, 2017 and presently in Neilson Park Creative Centre’s Member’s Choice exhibition, May 1 –23, 2017. Other exhibitions in June at NPCC – Etobicoke Art Group, Highlights, Etobicoke Civic Centre, “Collectively Inspired 2017”, WAAC 2018 and EAG Highlights 2018.

Artist Contact

Contact: wcliftonweaver@gmail.com

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