Kathleen Gabriel

October 27, 2020 to November 3rd,
Artists present daily including weekends.
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Photographic details of Paintings

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6080

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6099

Kathleen Gabriel Cello Garden

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6124

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6148

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6150

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6165

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6167

Kathleen Gabriel-IMG_6171

Kathleen Gabriel IMG_6172

Kathleen Gabriel Baby Face

Kathleen Gabriel

Kathleen Gabriel Blue

Kathleen Gabriel Tulips

Artist Statement

Life is a voyage of the heart and mind, evolving in a continuous creative process. Our myths and legends are all paths returning to the Garden of Eden.

Artist Bio

Kathleen Gabriel is a graduate of the Ontario College of ArtDrawing and Painting 1967She studied under Carl Schaefer, Eric Freifeld, Aba Bayefsky and Frederick Hagen. Upon graduation, Kathleen worked as a designer and illustrator at McGraw Hill Publishers. 

She has worked as a freelance illustrator/designer for Thomas Nelson and Sons, and for children’s and editorial magazines and journals such as ChatelaineFugue music magazine and the Financial Post.  She also designed a children’s mural for the Etobicoke Hospital. Kathleen worked as a graphic designer at the Toronto Reference Library for 24 years, and exhibited in their “Group of Nine” exhibitions in 1984, 1985, and 1986She has shown her paintings and illustrations on Library Showcase on Classicom cable TV.

Today, Kathleen Gabriel enjoys working in abstract painting, photography, and mixed media. Kathleen is a member of the Textile Museum of Canada and the Associates of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Kathleen has exhibited in numerous shows as a member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada and has also exhibited at the Edge Gallery in Barrie, Ontario in their Square Foot shows.

Artist Contact

Email: kabrie2003@yahoo.ca

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