Pia Israelsson

Pencil on Paper and Vellum: Ruth Upjohn Gallery October 27 to November 17, 2020

Artist Statement

Pia creates images inspired by the underside of the visible world of nature.
As a starting point for the series under the tall trees Pia has collected and
dried roots weeded from her own garden and others including the garden at the Women’s Art
Association of Canada. 

Artist Bio

Pia Israelsson lives and works in Toronto and relaxes on a tiny island in a big lake in Northern
Ontario. During this time of social isolation, Pia can be found wondering at the roots of plants
in her garden, or immersed in her collection of exhibition catalogues, monographs,
artists’ letters, and biographies. She is currently reading Originals: American Women Artists by
Eleanor Munro.

Artist Contact

Contact: pisraelsson@yahoo.ca

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