en plein air workshop August 26, 2021 exhibition

Women’s Art Association of Canada presents:


The idea of En Plein Air is credited to Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (1750–1819). En Plein Air enables artists to better capture the changing light and atmosphere.

These “in situ” paintings, favoured by the impressionists comprise an interconnected series of loose brushwork, tonal qualities and softness of line and form.  Textures and colours are presented in a relevant range of tonal values.

In our workshop, artists went beyond static composition and truly explored the movement of lines to energize their design and composition and focus on the way light informs shapes.

Catharine Somerville has received major awards including prizes from The Gryphon Theatre Company, Ontario, the Chairman’s Prize from West Dean College and the University of Sussex. Recently, she has also completed three-month residencies in Mexico, Toronto Island and in Georgian Bay. Somerville’s work is represented in public, private and corporate collections in both in Canada and England including the YMCA Irma Brydson Place, Toronto, Kanata Research Park Corp., Ottawa, the Thomson Reuters Headquarters, Toronto and the Donald Wilson Neuro Rehabilitation Centre Chichester, West Sussex.

En Plein Air Paintings


Please choose one from the eight paintings below and email your choice by number to catharinesomervillle@outlook.com

When Catharine determines the top selection, it will be featured first on this page. Artists’ names and photos will accompany the artworks.

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