Tiny Treasures Fundraiser

The great “Tiny Treasures”  outdoor fundraiser focuses on small works of art created by several members of the Woman’s Art Association of Canada, (WAAC).

It will include still life, landscapes and abstracts of various mediums. Most the pieces were created during Covid-19 and will be presented for sale for one day only, on Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 10 am to 4 pm.

Much of the proceeds will be donated to Women’s Art Association of Canada. The WAAC encourages our artists to create and cultivate spiritual resilience, to stay focused, positive and strong. This beautiful fundraiser will appeal to everyone from first time buyers to seasoned collectors.  Physical distancing will be observed.  Hope to see you there!
Below is such a sampling of what you will find from our artists!

Catharine Sommerville

Deniz Seker

Gretchen Jeens

janet f. potter

Joan Solomon

Joanne Nelson

Jocelyn Shaw

Karen Perlmutter

Leslie Crabtree Savage

Margaret Rodgers

Marjorie Moeser

Nina Amin

Patricia Paolini

Rheta Fines

Stephanie Ledger

Suzanne Forgang Miller

Ulla Djelweh

Wendy Weaver

Artists’ Contact

Hope to see you on September 26th!
For more information on our Artists or their artwork, contact:
waac@womensartofcanada.ca 04 416-922-2060

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