Diana Ladyshewsky

About the Artist

Hello my name is Diana. I’m writing this letter to tell you a little bit more about myself and my work . I have been painting most of my life. I’m 61 and have painted mostly to clear my mind. Then I realized that I was painting my emotions and my feelings. I find painting fascinating. My professional background is in the film industry- designing hair. I began a new career in equine therapy working with people and horses. My certification is called the ‘F.E.E.L’ program. Coincidentally, my art is primary directed towards feelings. I find my new passion has really helped my art because I have to look inside myself deeper.

My Studio is located in scenic hills of Singhampton just outside Collingwood Ontario . I live with my partner (Alan) and 10 horses 2 dogs and two cats. Makes for a very busy day . When I get to sit down and paint, the world stands still. I’m not a studied artist. Life has a way of showing us what to. I find that a lot of my paintings have one theme, and that is feelings. I like to paint with oils but lately I have been working with acrylics mixed with oil. The one exhibit that I have is ‘Women of colour and no colour The man’. In society I find women and men, but mostly women, have become motionless. Observing, taking it in, trying not to overreact. You can see it in their eyes; it becomes numbing.

This group of eight paintings is painted with acrylic and oil mixed. It has metallic paint which causes them to turn colour as you turn them. It was inspired mostly by the ‘ME TOO’ moment  and the turmoil that we have in our lives right now.

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The Red Pill

Flanders Fields

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