The WAAC Library contains an excellent small collection of books on art, artists and art history. There are more than 1600 books, a growing number of DVDs, WAAC memorabilia and historical documents which contribute to fulfilling WAAC’s mandate in the area of education. A fascinating art collection enhances the Library walls and includes many works by former WAAC members. The Library was refurbished in 2016 to provide members with a welcoming atmosphere and comfortable seating areas for reflection and relaxation. Members are encouraged to browse the collection and borrow items that interest them. A written guide is available in the Library which contains a “map” for locating items and a few guidelines that borrowers are asked to follow.

library-judith-500The newly refurbished Library is open to members and guests during regular WAAC hours (which at present are 9:30am – 4:00pm, Monday–Thursday) except when the Library is being used for private meetings. Bookings for meetings in the Library are pre-arranged with the Office Manager and the Library door is closed while meetings are in progress.

The public is welcome to access the collection for research purposes through prior arrangement with the Office Manager.

The WAAC Book Club meets six times per year. Click for the BOOK CLUB 2018-19 Schedule.


Cabinet numbering begins straight across from the entrance on the East wall, and continues around the room to your right.

Books are arranged in cabinets primarily by country or region. Within each country/region, the order of the sections is:

  • Art General
  • Artists
  • Specific groups of artists (currently placed before individual artists in Canadian Art cabinet)
  • Museums & Collections.

All sections are in alphabetical order by title except the Artists sections which are in alphabetical order by artist’s name.


  1. Canadian Art
  2. Encyclopedias, Oversize Books (cupboard)
  3. Fiction and General Non-Fiction

donated by members of the WAAC Book Club

  1. WAAC History and Memorabilia

Music (temporary placement)

  1. Great Britain and Europe
  2. United States of America

Mexico, Central & South America and the Caribbean

  1. Middle East

Japan, China and Southeast Asia

Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific

Sculpture (temporary placement)

  1. Art Movements, Periods, Styles (temporary placement)

Art Instruction: Theory and Techniques

  1. DVDs

Art Instruction: Photography

Drawing and Painting


Art Fakes, Forgeries and Thievery

  1. Books from the Original & Early Library Collections

Cabinets 11 and 12 are in the hall outside the Library. Cabinet 11 is in the alcove to your left as you exit the Library, and Cabinet 12 is to your right.

  1. (Alcove) Royalty and their Representatives
  2. Collectables and Collecting

Miscellaneous (temporary placement)



  1. WAAC members may borrow books and DVDs for a maximum of 4 weeks. During June each year, members may borrow books and DVDs until the first WAAC event in September. You are encouraged to return them sooner at your convenience.
  2. If a book is not returned after 6 weeks have elapsed from the date the book is borrowed, you will be asked to donate $5 to the Library Fund for every week that a book is overdue. (pending Board approval)library03-800


Borrowing: There is a book in the Library to the left of the entrance in which you are asked to note the date borrowed, the title of the book or DVD, your name and contact information.

Returning: Books and DVDs being returned are to be placed in the basket directly to the left of the entrance to the Library. PLEASE do not return them to the shelves or leave them on tables in the Library.


Donations of books and DVDs are very welcome and we want to create more balance in our collection by concentrating on building areas that are currently scantily represented. We plan to issue guidelines that will help when you are considering a donation, but in the meantime please contact the Library Chair, Connie MacLeod to discuss it. Donation to the Library Fund would also be most welcome.