Welcome to Women’s Art Association of Canada (WAAC)

In this welcome package, we have listed many benefits and components of being a member. We invite you to read through and of course participate in any number of initiatives that make WAAC the driving force that it is.

Let’s start off with the History of Women’s Art Association of Canada (Click here to read). A listing of activities that happened from the beginning in 1887 up to 2000.


Please ensure to visit the WAAC office to pick up your membership card during business hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm.

Members are welcome to use the WAAC Garden, Library, and Sketch Room at their leisure

Artist Profile

One of the highlights of being a member is having an Artist profile on the WAAC website. Below is what you will need to set up the Artist Profile.

* Images
– Name File as: Artist Name_Title of work.jpg (e.g.: Mary Ella Dignam_Victorian House.jpg)
– Maximum 1200px for images of your works on the longer side
– Select one artwork to represent you on the website.

* Artist Bio
– Maximum 200 words

* Artist Statement
– Maximum 200 words

* Contact Information
– Website, social media

If you need any assistance creating your profile, please contact the WAAC Office (waac@womensartofcanada.ca)

Member News

Our Member News section on the website and newsletter features news about our members happening outside of WAAC. Please contact the WAAC office (waac@womensartofcanada.ca) and ensure all information (see below) is filled out if you want to be included. This info is due by the 15th of each month.

* Event Name (i.e. Exhibition title)
* Dates
* Hours
* Price if applicable
* Venue
* Your Artwork Image

Arts Committee

The Arts Committee is organized by volunteer members who oversee the Exhibition Committee and Education Committee.

The Exhibition Committee takes charge of installation for member exhibitions at Dignam Gallery, and guiding solo exhibition installations at Ruth Upjohn Gallery. Exhibition Committee members discuss the theme, title and organization of the members’ exhibitions in their monthly meetings.

Education Committee plans and organizes artist talks (Artist Voices) and workshops (Artist Hands) throughout the year.

Call For Submissions

As a member, a Call For Submissions for upcoming exhibitions and other internal announcements will be sent directly to your email.


Our monthly WAAC newsletter not only goes to all members, but also around the community, to VIPs, and media, and includes upcoming events at WAAC. These events can be found not only in our newsletter but also on our website. Also throughout the year, we have a number of fundraising and social events and look to our members for ideas in helping to organize and plan these events.

Volunteering at WAAC

Here are a number of committees available for all members to volunteer in and we encourage you to do so.

Arts Committee (Exhibition + Education)
Membership Committee

Social Media and PR

Please let us know your socials and remember to follow and tag us @womensartofcan on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin

Every Monday each week, we feature one of our members with the hashtag #membermonday on Instagram (Feed and Stories), Facebook, Twitter, and website.

If we get assets early (4 – 6 weeks before an exhibition), we can do our best to prepare a press release and send it to the media. We also encourage every artist to promote their own shows and are happy to share our media list with you. The office can get you this list.

Over the years we have had the Toronto Star, Global TV, CBC TV and CBC Radio, all come and do interviews and features on us.


As a WAAC member you are entitled to discounts at the following art supply stores: Above Ground, and DeSerres Art Supplies. To receive this discount, you will need to present your membership card in person (discount only applicable in-person).