The Women’s Art Association of Canada is pleased to present COLLAGE: a WAAC members group art exhibition, in the Dignam Gallery, and online. Visit us at our heritage building, at 23 Prince Arthur in Toronto, Canada. (3 min. walk from St. George subway station)

Collage, from the French verb ‘coller’, meaning “to glue,” is the artistic process of gluing and assembling various materials to a flat surface. Collage can refer to both the actual procedure of cutting and pasting, as well as to the final artistic product.

VIEW IN-PERSON* JANUARY 28-MARCH 1, 2022 in the DIGNAM Gallery at 23 Prince Arthur, in Toronto, Canada. (St. George Subway Station, Bedford Exit)
Gallery hours: Tues.-Sat. 9:00-4:00

PLEASE CALL before you visit: (416) 922-2060. The galleries are closed to the public during private events.
*COVID-19: Public access to the gallery is guided by government regulations and protocols. All visitors must be fully vaccinated.

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*The online gallery will be available for viewing in the Past Exhibitions section of the website after March 1.

For artwork inquiries, please contact, or visit/call the main office at WAAC: (416) 922-2060 between 10:00-3:00.


Dixie Allen
Jane Bowen
Carol Cormier
Ulla Djelweh
Myra Evans
Kathleen Gabriel
Catharina Goldnau
Kate Greenway
Elizabeth Greisman
Pia Israelsson
Anum Jamal
Carolyn Jongeward
Iwona Kmiec
Rhona Konrad
Monica Kucharuk
Win Kuplowsky

Stephanie Ledger Van Logchem
Judith Mason
Lana Matskiv
Marjorie Moeser
Gillian Morden
Joanne Nelson
Leigh Nelson
Janet F Potter
Margaret Rodgers
Ted Scott
Deniz Seker
Joan Solomon
Catharine Somerville
Anita Stein
Sally Thurlow
Eugenia Weinerek

Dixie Allen

Morning Has Broken
Digital photography
Giclee gallery wrap canvas print
30″ x 30″

Northumberland Hills, Ontario. Dawn arrives in the eastern sky painted in shades of orange, purple, pink seconds later, breaking through brilliant white light, purple and blue Good Morning world, let’s shine on today Represented in Collage of 2 Digital Photographic Images captured seconds apart


Jane Bowen

Oil & cold wax on arches oil paper
Silver leaf, thread
48″ X 30″

‘Seamlessly’ is part of an ongoing series named ‘Hemispheres’. Pieces from this series all contain the commonality of 18” circles within diptychs. This piece employs the use of a wooden hanging system similar to that of a vintage classroom map, further alluding to the theme of geographic hemispheres.

Jane has exhibited throughout Ontario since her first solo exhibition in Elora, ON, in 1989. While assemblage has been a consistent area of her focus, her exhibited bodies of work demonstrates her experience in various mediums, including encaustic, sculpture, and oil & cold wax. Primarily self-taught, her evolving artwork draws on her surroundings and daily life, evoking thoughtful contemplation.

Carol Cormier

Hope is in Sight
Collage and mixed media
13″ x 17″ framed

Don’t despair, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Collage and mixed media
13″ x 17″ framed

Ours is not to question, why, but to accept as they are.

Ulla Djelweh

Water: Essence of Life #101
Mixed media original collage,
21″ x 17″ framed

Water: Essence of Life #102
Mixed media original collage
21″ x 17″ framed

WATER, ESSENCE OF LIFE is a project I have been working on for several years. There is no life without water! Yet we take it for granted, waste and pollute it. 70% of our planet is covered by water, but only 3% is fresh water. Water hydrates our bodies and allows nutrients to flow and toxins to be eliminated. We use water to grow, transport, build, and create power and much more. It symbolized fertility and birth and it can be cleansing, healing and holy. In its various forms this colourless and odourless substance is a creator beauty with endless possibilities for me to explore and to document.


Catharina Goldnau

Cubed 3.2, 2020
Stoneware, rocks, shards, glass, salt, glaze
30cm h x 30 cm w x 30 cm d

Sunev 2021
Custom clay, steel, rock
30cm h x 26cm x 23cm

Kate Greenway

A Garden of Earthly Delights
11″ x 14″
This piece uses acrylic, photo transfer, and cut out paper and fabric images to evoke a feeling of mystery in a fantasy garden setting

Weather Alert: It’s Raining…,
11″ x 14″
This piece uses acrylic, photo transfer, cut out images and tinsel in a playful take on an old saying.

Elizabeth Greisman

The Boats on the Pond Luxembourg Gardens
Oil on canvas
57” x 40”

In Paris the children’s pond floats tiny wooden boats that are the toys of the children who visit the Luxembourg Gardens


Pia Israelsson

Winter Landscape and Several Circles
Watercolour (with mica gold) and collage on Arches paper
12” x 16” framed (image size 7.5” x 9.5”)

from “Winter Landscape”- L. Harris and “Several Circles”-W. Kandinsky

Mesquite shrub (Prosopis juliflora)
Watercolour (with mica gold) and collage on Arches paper
9” x 11” framed (image size 5” x 7”)

from “The Mesmerizing Microscopy of Trees: Otherworldly Images Revealing the Cellular Structure of Wood Specimens”


Anum Jamal

Mughal Princess in Social Distance
Watercolour, tea water, kite paper
Color pencils and graphite on handmade paper
9” x 10.5”

This work is an amalgamation, a collage of my thoughts that is, regarding my on-going art practice as a miniature painter during the current times of the pandemic. It is a light-hearted take on envisioning how a Mughal Princess might be during the current times. I used kite paper collage in the work since kite flying, like Mughal art, is a common part of South Asian culture.

Carolyn Jongeward

Stored Within
Fabric dye, acrylic, heritage linen
38″ x 21.5″

The gift of a family’s damask banquet table linen, much used and passed down through generations, is the ground of this collage. The applied pieces – painted heritage linen – represent containers of memory, both the unknown stories of family mealtime gatherings and the hidden attributes of the linen textiles themselves.

Acrylic, canvas on panel
16″ x 13″

This collage combines geometric shapes in deep blues and golds, on a support of block-printed canvas, The placement of triangles and squares generates a central octagon containing a whirling hexagonal figure. The overall arrangement of shapes yields a dynamic unity.


Iwona Kmiec

Abundance Table
Collage on wood panel
24″ x 24″

Inspired by nature, Iwona uses sense of smell as a metaphor for her work and applies this future as life bonding factor. In this collage her intention is to create abundance of nourishment which comes not only from edible food but also from sensory impressions .

Table of Plenty
Collage on canvas

In this collage her intention is to create abundance of nourishment which comes not only from edible food but also from respect for our bodies and for the Earth.

Rhona Konrad

Kimono Heart in Kintsugi Style
Markers, gold acrylic paint and Japanese paper
8.5″ x 11″

This painting with collage is from a series that I started last year with the heart as the central symbol for love and compassion. The vibrancy of the colour combinations with the Japanese Collage embraces the Kimono painted in the Kintsugi style.

Sunrise Heart
Markers, gold acrylic paint and Japanese paper
8.5″ x 11″

The painting is based on my series of the heart. The upward feeling creates positivity and an energy surge; the feeling is that what is coming will be wonderful and full of happiness.

Monica Kucharuk

Cosi Fan Tutte (by Mozart)
18″ x24″

Musical Interlude
16″ x 20″


Win Kuplowsky

Mother Interior # 1
Mixed media
5″ × 7 ”

Creativity with found paper !

Mother Interior #2
Collage, pastel on panel
5″ x 7″

Stephanie Ledger Van Logchem

Collage I
Acrylic, paper
10” X 20”

Often I have used paper in some fashion in my acrylic paintings, but using mostly collage to create a piece was new to me, and a great adventure! I found I love the transparent effect of tissue paper and moving it about, at times, like paint, on the canvas. All my papers are prepared by me, ahead of time. Enjoy!


Judith Mason

Divine Intervention
Paper collage
30cm x 35cm

Living inside the Theatre of the Absurd

Ocean Crossing
Paper collage
30cm x 35cm

The depth and darkness of the ocean, concealing and foreboding, as we so swiftly skim its surface.

Lana Matskiv

She is the Night
Graphite on paper, handmade paper, metal leaf
11″ x 15″

My academic drawing of a plaster cast of Faustina’s head is put in the juxtaposition with textured swatches of material symbolizing the flow of time, with centuries and calamities passing by by yet leaving her serene beauty untouched

Sofia’s Bridges
Graphite on paper, handmade paper
18″ X 24″

Sofia, a young art student from Mexico, modelled for my portrait drawing class days before her return home. She was facing challenges of starting a new life as a professional artist and teacher, and was both exited and worried. My collage was meant to capture that moment and her emotions at the time.

Marjorie Moeser

Mixed media collage
12” x 12”

My collages address the feminine mystique. I have chosen to reflect aspects, real or imagined, of the female image. Collage affords a wide range of effects: My materials of fabric, lace-like, latticed or mesh; decorative Japanese or see-through tissue papers; translucent inks, acrylic paint and acrylic skins all contribute to the idea of woman. With mixed media, some works are vibrant with colour, while others are muted. All are dominated by textures created by an additive and subtractive process… a layering of the surface. Pattern plays a huge role. It may even be synonymous with beauty. My technique remains stable: layering, transparency and scraping away colour to leave traces of hues that become the basis for new application of materials.

Femme Fatale
Mixed media collage
15″ x 11″

Gillian Morden

Winter Blossom
9″ x 12″


Leigh Nelson

White Tunnel
Digital photography
18″ x 26″

In creating these visual stills, Leigh presents the viewer with an interpretation of the subconscious through the theme of tunnels and tunnel vision. The eye is drawn to the focal point of the tunnel, as if anticipating the end metaphorically or physically, however consequently the viewer is denied this, distracted with figments of figures layered in front.

Library Tunnel
Digital photography
18″ x 26″

Joanne Nelson

Day Dreams
MIxed media on canvas,
24″ x 24″

“Day Dreams” and “Night Dreams” are additions to my recent series called “South Side”. South Side refers to my field of vision from my studio window, a regular sight during Covid-19 days. It shows David Balfour Park, although under repairs at the time, plus the nearby co-op and condominium, while including some of the assorted shapes on the roof tops of the Town Houses next door. I remember the day two Canada geese flew right by my window. The swirly lines represent my overflowing mind full of a mix of thoughts, emotions, questions, doubts and confidences. Acrylic paints and mediums, home made collage papers, Japanese papers, markers and ink were used.

Night Dreams
Mixed media on canvas
24″ x 24″

Janet F Potter

Weaving Life Lines #1
Japanese wool
11″ x 13 1/2″
$400 (incl. glass frame)

As a Mixed Media Artist I have process a piece of Art that has express the stages and experiences of life in each line of my Japanese Wool Weave

Weaving Life Lines #2
Japanese wool
8 1/2″ X 12″
$400 (incl. wood and press felt frame)

Margaret Rodgers


When I came across an embroidered work that says “BREAD” how could I not develop a collage on the subject. The colourful little plastic bread tags seemed to multiply in my bread drawer, and therefore the development of an artwork appeared to be inevitable.

Mixed media
30″ x 22″

This is a compilation that began with finding a 1940s booklet on the Dionne quintuplets, and thinking about little girls in general and where their brains might take them. The actual development of the artwork was totally intuitive, as collage tends to be in my practice. I think of the red yarn as some kind of gnarly brain function. While I have done some writing on my blog about the Dionne phenomenon (, the artmaking process moves off away from the didactic into an imaginative realm. I have used yarn, pastel drawings, acrylic paint, image transfer and graphite in the piece.

Ted Scott

39cm x 30cm
Digital Collage, Giclée Print
$325 Framed, $225 Unframed

Ted Scott strives – always – to make beautiful images. Photography allows him to preserve beauty so that he can enjoy that otherwise-fleeting quality whenever. Other than documenting beauty he hopes to create it. Many of Ted’s pictures are somewhat ambiguous to viewers. Some images are extracted in various ways from ordinary scenes, and the identity of the original subject lost in that translation from scene to print, from three dimensions to two dimensions, on purpose. Sometimes, the highest levels of technique are invaluable, at other times they are irrelevant. Some images are created by movement, or layer by layer, one fragment after another, so that the final image is not documentary but an accumulation of selected pieces, a re-assembly, a new image. Ted hopes his pictures are evocative, and the viewers’ imaginations and life-experiences will create for them personal interpretations of my images.

Colour Test
39cm x 30cm
Digital collage, Giclée print
$325 Framed, $225 Unframed

Deniz Seker

Collage sculpture

The armature is constructed by Joan Holben. Painted and textile collage by Deniz Seker, a piece of treasured friendship after the song Lucille

Dreaming of Roses
Textile collage

Designed and constructed this romantic bohemian jacket and necklace. Wear on special occasions. Each handmade piece of this collage is a one of a kind treasure set.

Joan Solomon

Paper collage
12″ x 14″
$45 framed

I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have lived in Toronto since 1970. I am a self-taught artist who has learned from a number of courses offered by the Art Gallery of Ontario. I usually work with acrylic paints but was inspired by the exhibition topic of “Collage”. “Dreaming” is created on construction paper using background paper that I have painted, as well as, existing images from various sources.


Catharine Somerville

Fallen Heroes
Gesso, leaves , mixed medium
12″ x 8″

I was in the Gatineau Quebec in the autumn of 2021, and the idea of remembrance struck me as I watched the once bright and glittering leaves fall and sink to the bottom of the lake. Other forms started to pile over them and what was viewed was very beautiful. I responded by art making. I added real leaves lifted out of the lake and mixed them with my pigments to create a collage.

A Journey Remembering
Mixed media, leaves , gesso , pigment

This is number 2 in the brief series of collage I made when I was at Lac Mcgregor, Quebec in the autumn of 2021. The idea of remembrance struck me as I watched the once bright and glittering leaves fall and sink to the bottom of the lake. Other forms started to pile over them and what was viewed was very beautiful. I responded by art making. I added real leaves lifted out of the lake and mixed them with my pigments to create a collage.

Anita Stein

Isolation #5
Mixed media on canvas
12″ x 12″ Framed

Collage is an amazing way to tell a story! I want my piece to be bold and experimental. I love to use colour and texture to connect the storyline. The world in which we live in can be chaotic. I hope to tell my story with layers of information.

Isolation #2
Mixed media on canvas
22″ x 22″

During COVID I started my journey into Collage. Going for long walks along the escarpment and taking in the terrain. The greens and greys define the ruggedness of the shale and the freshness of the vegetation. I thoroughly enjoy working the layers of our environment.

Sally Thurlow

Degas’ Dancers Mashup
Vintage textiles, mainly cotton, vintage lace, mixed media, steel or wood dowels
96.5cm x 64cm

These collaged fabrics, came mostly from my collection of antique upholstery remnants from over forty years ago when I was last designing and selling my one-of-a-kind line of clothing. Despite their age, they are very stable, beautiful cottons and linens, far removed from today’s fast fashions. Other fabrics are my own hand printed designs. Collaging them together with mixed media suggests abstract story lines.

Follies in Flux
Vintage textiles, mainly cotton, mixed media, steel or wood dowels
96.5cm x 64cm

The fabrics for this collage, came mostly from my collection of antique upholstery remnants from over forty years ago when I was last designing and selling my one-of-a-kind line of clothing. These fabrics, despite their age, are very stable, beautiful cottons and linens, far removed from today’s fast fashions. Other fabrics are my own hand printed designs. Mixing them up with multi media conjures abstract story lines.


Eugenia Weinerek

Fractured Rememberances
Woodcut collage
22″ x 28″