“Resilience” showcases art works from a group of women artists and their resilience stories on how they were able to adapt to new circumstances and how they kept pushing forward through hard times and living through challenges and how they still existed with enthusiasm and hope. While COVID-19 is a source of unexpected stress and adversity, the word ”Resilience” had never been that important in all our lives.

12 WAAC Artists janet f potter, Deniz Seker, Anna Zinato, Gretchen Jeens, Joanne Nelson, Maria Antoniv, Marjorie Moeser, Nina Amin, Patricia Paolini, Susan Farquhar, Ulla Djelweh, Wendy Weaver and 4 other Latitude 44 artists are featured in the Resilience Art Exhibit.

This exhibit will be providing us a first time experience to share our art works with you @ online gallery and @ Latitude 44 Gallery on display.

Online Art Exhibit – Sep 1st to Oct 15th


janet f potter and Denis Seker were interviewed live on Instagram by journalist Bethany Browne about the Women’s Art involvement in the Resilience exhibit and being represented as 12 WAAC artists first time in a commercial gallery at Latitude 44. Unfortunately, the file is only available in audio format, It was a great promoting opportunity for WAAC where it was heard live, open to the public, and to people outside of Canada.  

Latitude 44 Exhibit- Sep 1st to Sep 30th

We are very excited to share this wonderful unique experience of exhibiting our works as a large group of WAAC Artists after an unusual spring and summer.

 “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”.
Leonard Cohen

We would like to build on that quote 

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets out. This is how RESILIENCE got out.”

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