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The Women’s Art Association is a federally registered charity: CRA # 119026417

Just in time for Christmas and the new year, WAAC member photographer Ted Scott has donated 10 copied of his 2021 SHADOWS calendar. CLICK HERE to find out more about the calendar.

WAAC member writer Ann Birch has donated 20 copies of her recent historical novel: A Daughter Rebels. CLICK HERE to find out more about the book.


Please choose one of the following donation options: ONLINE CANADA HELPS, CHEQUE, E-TRANSFER, MONTHLY DONATION by CREDIT CARD, SECURITIES.

Here are examples of what your donation can assist with. You may wish to choose to direct your donation to a particular area.

  • Student scholarships in the arts
  • Maintenance and improvement of the premises
  • Maintenance and improvement of the sunken garden
  • Operating expenses

The Board of Directors wishes to thank ALL donors for helping to sustain and improve our Association.

All donations are to be directed to our Office at 23 Prince Arthur, Toronto, ON, M5R 1B2. As an Association, committed to fiscal responsibility these donations form part of our annual audited financial statements. If you have any questions, please email or contact Cal Lorimer, Office Manager at 416-922- 2060.