Ann Birch Book Fundraiser: A Daughter Rebels

Writer member artist Ann Birch has generously donated TWENNTY signed copies of her recently published historical novel to the Women’s Art Association as a fundraising initiative.

The cost is only $15 and all proceeds are donated to WAAC.

Please call 416-922-2060 or 647-710-8791 or email to order yours today! Available for pick-up Wednesdays and Saturdays until December 19th.

For Anne Powell in 1807, life in York (now Toronto) is unbearable. Her mother’s rules of genteel propriety are intolerable, as is her father’s insistence that a daughter’s only role in life is to marry. Anne craves an active, useful existence. When a chance comes to assist the local midwife, she discovers her vocation.

Anne is happy when she is able to save a friend from a botched abortion, deliver a servant’s baby, and nurse the wounded during the American invasion of York. Her parents hate and oppose these activities. They are pleased only when she becomes friends with an eminent lawyer. While this man is studying in England, Anne’s father allows her to travel across the sea to nail down their engagement. But she breaks free of him and spends happy weeks in an English village helping her relatives care for the poor.

Returning home, Anne faces the same parental difficulties. Finally, however, she manages to escape. She flees to New York and boards a ship bound for England. This story of a real historical figure who dares to challenge society’s norms is a must-read.