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Artist Bio:

Eugenia Weinerek graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University) in 1989 at the age of 60. While there, she won several printmaking awards including the Purchase Award. Eugenia has participated in several group shows and five solo exhibitions. She is a member of the Women’s Art Association of Canada and a former member of long standing of Open Studio. She is represented in private and corporate collections including the Station Gallery, a public gallery in Whitby, Ontario.

Contact Info:

(416) 512-9167

many faces of love

by Eugenia Weinerek

love can make us delicate like a cherry blossom in the spring
love can also wound us like a sharp serpents sting
love can be passionate deep and tender
love can make us swoon in sweet surrender
love can break our hearts causing distress
love can fill us with heartache and unhappiness
love can cradle and rock us with a gentle motion
love can toss us violently on the waves of a stormy ocean
love can make us starry eyed 
love can make us blind
love can make us roar like a lion 
love can make us cry like a child
love can fill us with lust and burning desire
love can  set our heart and brains on fire
love can make our life pleasant, free of worry and unrest
love can sweep us off our feet like a raging tropical tempest
love can fill our life with beauty joy and order
love can become obsessive leading to jealousy, discord and even murder
love can not always be kind
love can cloud our senses and make us lose our mind
we never stop looking for love
we keep longing and pining for love
we never stop singing songs about love
we keep talking and dreaming about love
for without love
life would be lonely and full of dread
life would be empty life would be dead
and so I say to you love surrounds us love is everywhere
all you have to do is find and catch love for love is always there