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Lena's public success after decades of study and commissions is not unusual.  During the last decades, she has exhibited her art in Sweden, Israel, USA, Canada, and England. In 2001, the Linsday Gallery of Ontario, honoured her by bestowing their Award of Excellence for a portrait that is perhaps, worthy of the old masters. 

Shortly after arriving to Canada, she began studying under renowned Canadian artist Doris McCarthy. These studies no doubt contributed to her success as the Head of the Canadian Industries Ltd. Colour Studio and later, her independant design consultancy. As art mentor and teacher, She helped her students develop innovative techniques, freeing them from the constraints of traditional pedagogy. 

Lena has refused to let the success of her work persuade her into constant commercialized repetition. Her altruism compels her to continue her artistic exploration of expression, reinventing her approach for each new subject matter. 

While Lena is of course, especially talented, original and successful, none of these qualities make her unusual. What may be said to be unusual, are all of these attributes in one artist. 

Lena Shugar resides in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Her website can be found at 



My artistic exploration takes me on a journey of both the cerebral and the intuitive sides of my nature. 

To fully impart the range of this exploration to the viewer, I not only use my skills as a painter but add to the mix aspects of my beliefs, thoughts and the non-traditional feminine in order to amplify my chosen theme. Through the impact of colours and textures of mixed media, I strive to impart the depths and layers of the statement I am making, and to demonstrate the strength of my resolve toward the particular issue. 

For me, this very personal reference can only be expressed abstractly in both the literal and figurative senses. My primary motivator is to provoke the viewer to reflect upon the main and tributary themes, sometimes infusing them with a sense of mystery to encourage them to give further thought or continue with their own exploration.