WAAC Artist Catharine Somerville will be part of a group exhibition in Gallery 1313’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition held online between January 19th – February 28th, 2022.

Gallery 1313 has always supported emerging artists during its 25 years and will continue to do so into the future. This current exhibition celebrates the exciting milestone of the Gallery turning 25 this year, an incorporated, not for profit artist run centre with charitable status.

A brief history of the artist in question, Catharine Somerville was born in Toronto and works in both the UK & Canada. Her work is a visual experience, concerned with the observed world in arrays of light and colour.

“I paint colour. I consider the ‘shades of grey’ and vibrancy of the moment in both my landscapes and “A La Prima” flower paintings. A kaleidoscopic relationship with colour is my dream and I try to connect to the viewer through an emotional stream that colour evokes similar to the feeling music might create by exploring our human sense.”

“Blue Cloud”
oil on linen
12″ x24″

For more information on Catharine Somerville, please click here.