A Curated Collection of the World’s Most Exciting Artists

Christy Chor cares about the future of the natural world amidst disastrous interventions by humans. Chor’s work reflects on the causes and consequences of our ecological crisis, triggers the alarm bells of disaster, and galvanizes the audience into action to save nature for generations to come. Her body of work emphasizes the contrast between poetic moments and chaotic happenings in nature. With a combination of raw clays and nonbiodegradable particles, Chor has sculpted a landscape, combining representation of natural elements such as clouds, waves, stones, sand, and fossils with elements of human industrial waste. She uses contrasting elements to underline the importance of balance and coexistence.

Christy writes:  “I am honored to have a page in this curated edition. It is not a commercial advertisement book but a collection of unique arts from around the world. I think it has potential inspiration for the other artists in WAAC for the next curation.”

Christy has generously donated a copy of the publication to the WAAC library.

Once a year there will be an open Call for Entries to the arts community for submissions to be included in the next publication. ARTFOLIO intends to publish a 200-page coffee table book every year.

The Broken Circle
Cone 6 Stoneware with mixed media
23 in. dia x 9 in. depth