January 17, 2021

Dear Friends and colleagues,

With great pleasure I would like to share my news related to my artistic life.

Maria Antoviv Chirping Away I

In 2020 I have extended an artful thank you to the many front-line workers who kept Ontario’s essential services running during the onset of COVID-19.

I gave away over 28 paintings to the professionals that were helping others during strict quarantine time.

Today, I am honored to receive the recognition for my gifted work.

You are welcome to register and watch the online ZOOM Levee ceremony on Sunday, Jan.17th



Register to attend the Levee by clicking on this link:

https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAv  ceuorTgrE9F2rBdaTqDlo_D9ZN1zHJZu

To see the pdf of the award: CLICK HERE