WAAC Member & Artist Hortensia Reyes presents More Than Knots And Cords, MFA Thesis Exhibition at OCADU Graduate Gallery from April 26 to 29.

Opening reception on April 28 from 5 to 7 pm.

OCADU Graduate Gallery is located at 205 Richmond Street West, Ground Floor.

Gallery hours from 12 to 6 pm.

The gallery is open to the public via the elevator. Please contact me on 416-909-2281 if you need help getting into the building, as OCADU is still restricting access. Vaccination proof and masks are required.

WAAC Member & Artist Hortensia Reyes

More than Cords and Knots is an MFA thesis exhibition by Hortensia Reyes that explores the possible friction that emerges from the incorporation of artisanal materials and objects made using ancestral production techniques, in contrast to an industrialized environment, such as the institutional contemporary art gallery. The investigation into Peruvian alpaca fibre, and the pre-Hispanic Khipu which in Quechua means knots both guided this auto-ethnographic research.

Drawing from theoretical concepts such as vibrant matter, live fibre and cosmovision, this suite of material experiments suggests a meeting point between Western and Andean perspectives. Seen as a convergence between old and new, traditional and contemporary it shows diverse material approaches, and addresses concerns around sustainability and ethical respect of the environment.

The concept of knots equally represents tension or conflict, pact or agreement.

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