WAAC Member & Artist Janet Read exhibit at Heliconian Hall, “HIGH ARCTIC LIGHT: Recent Paintings And Works On Duralar” from May 6 to June 1, 2022

WAAC Member & Artist Janet Read


“Arctic: Long Western Horizon,” Janet Read


“Pale island, smoldering horizon,”


Artist Statement

My work stems from a deep sense of place. Travels in the high Arctic of the Canadian North and Greenland prompted a series of works dealing with the horizon and light. Charcoal on paper, oil and graphite on duralar, acrylic on panel, and oil on linen media are used to explore ephemeral light over water and austere, almost desert, landscapes in the north. The gap between water and sky where the light blooms, sparks my imagination. Distance slips over the infinite horizon and Arctic radiance invites contemplation of the infinite. Weather and wind are invoked by paint moved by spatulas and large brushes. Charcoal delineates the flat horizon with a curved arc of cloud poised above, a fleeting weight, a breath of vapour. The environmental vulnerability of this region, its beauty and fragility are echoed in my work, an investigation of high Arctic light.


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