WAAC Member & Artist Winifred Keenan-Kuplowsky won First Prize in the McMichael Gallery “En Plein Air Competition” in category of Works on Canvas/Panel.


Win Keenan-Kuplowsky, September Garden, Kleinburg, Oil


Artist Statement

Driving up Islington Avenue into Kleinberg, they caught my eye: sunflowers bending over a garden fence in the moody light of a September morning.Perhaps it was the cover of a recently purchased book (The Tangled Garden: The Art of J.E.H McDonald) still fresh on my mind that cajoled me. Though the flowers beckoned, I continued to scout for a subject in town and on the McMichael grounds. The following morning, despite threats of rain, I returned to the roadside garden. Then I returned again. With each visit, the flowers seemed a little more spent, yet ever as beguiling.


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