WAAC Member Jenny Lee’s OIS ART OF CANADA made an agreement for cultural exchange and cooperation with the World Artist Exchange Association located in Dapsimni-dong, Seoul.


The main contents of this agreement are for the purpose of contributing to the development of culture and arts in Canada and Korea. The two organizations will: a) mutually cooperate and support tasks necessary for the exchange and cooperation of culture and arts between the two countries; b) utilize the human and material networks of both organizations; mutual cooperation and support, c) smooth communication, including mutual sharing of information related to the arts and culture of the two countries, and d) mutual cooperation in cultural and artistic exchange projects in which both organizations recognize the need for cooperation. The agreement period is valid for two years from the date of conclusion, and if no separate intention is expressed one month before the expiration of the period, it will be automatically extended and will remain in effect.

At the agreement signing ceremony, OIS ART OF CANADA Chairperson Jenny Lee said, “Let’s do our best for both organizations to successfully promote this agreement for the development of culture and arts in Canada and Korea.”

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