Our Wintertime at Latitude Gallery44

Winter is warm, joyful, cozy and special in the Junction, We invite you to view “The Winter Time” online. Also available by arranging a virtual appointment.

How about some Winter coziness and joy with Janet’s Hedgehogs series? Hedgehogs like to have a safe, warm place where they can nest and potentially hibernate. Find out what Janet’s Hector the Hedgehog is doing during the LOCKDOWN, he loves reading, you will find his favorite leaves books and more in his library collection and pin cushions in the sewing corner.

Did you know that you can discover mushrooms on your forest adventures even in the winter?
Deniz in Mushroomland is promising a journey to the deep of the earth. Be grounded with these visually eye candy mushrooms!
Breathe in stillness and joy, Breathe out anxiety and fears.
Let Go, Let Fungi

We Are Together in these special times and “Let it Shine”.

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During Lockdown