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Artist’s Hand Workshop Series presents Paint Your Favourite Scene with Andrew Sookrah

November 25, 9:15am – 4:00pm
In-person at the Women’s Art Association of Canada
Participation Fee: $60 for members, $120 for non-members

WAAC Members: Click here to register on Eventbrite ($60)

Non-members: Click here to register on Eventbrite ($120)

Maximum number of participants: 12

* Read more about the workshop (PDF)


Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced water media artist, Andrew will guide you through a fun process of creating a colourful, impactful and expressive painting of your favourite scene / subject with water media; acrylic or watercolour.

He will work with you to refine / expand your repertoire of brushstrokes, use of vibrant colour to the degree of your choice, your effectiveness in defining shape and form as well as creating texture.

For watercolour, he will demonstrate techniques such as washes, wet in wet, wet on dry, drybrush, the use of additives such as salt, etc, to express your personal interpretation of a chosen subject.

With his live demos and one to one guidance, Andrew will support and guide artists throughout the day.

His demonstrations will be done in acrylics and transparent watercolour.

Basic drawing techniques, perspective, composition, colour, texture, use of material will be explored. 

While Andrew is recommending artists work on an image he will provide, he will also work artists as they paint their source of inspiration – an idea / sketch, a photograph; be it figurative, landscape, still life, wildlife / pets, he will guide you as you transform it into a terrific acrylic / watercolour painting.

Andrew will focus on a part of the creative process that is for the most part, not given recognition for its degree of importance.

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