Gallery Ring has honoured our member & artist Lenore Carr-Smith with two awards in their 2022 Flower & Still Life exhibition; the Sapphire Award for “In Marlene’s’ Garden” and the Crystal Award for “A Day’s Bloom.” The awards recognize Lenore’s lifelong passion for flowers and the expression of that in her paintings. Gallery Ring is an online space devoted to the celebration and promotion of art.

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“In Marlene’s Garden,” Gallery Ring’s Sapphire Award Winning Artwork Acrylic on Canvas (24x24in)


“A Day’s Bloom”, Gallery Ring Crystal Award Winning Artwork Acrylic on Canvas (14x28in)

From the artist herself, “Some artists paint landscapes, others paint portraits, and I paint flowers.” Why? In the words of Claude Monet, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”

“Flowers rejuvenate and revitalize me, evoking many of my fondest childhood memories. Images of growing up in Jamaica where the gardens my mother lovingly created and tended were my private playground. I am endlessly intrigued by the distinctiveness of each flower, the delicate forms and depth of colour intensity. That’s the essence of what I try to express in my paintings.

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