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I have been expressing how I feel in my art for what seems a very long time now and with each year I gain a better understanding of myself and where I am going.

                                                                                                                I am ‘free to be’.

 In nature I can get ‘lost’ in the uniqueness of things and how quickly time passes and because of this I believe it is so very important for us to take a moment and appreciate everything around us. As all is forever changing.

When we look at something are we really seeing? Are we are using our whole being, our senses, our minds and our emotions. Can we let go of trying to figure out what we are ‘suppose’ to see;  go beyond the labels society puts on things;  relax and stop, so that we can truly ‘see ‘? Things, events, people and everything around us are put into categories with labels so they can be identified and defined in words but that does not allow for feelings. Your vision of what you see is unique, yours alone and that is very special. You bring in everything that you have experienced.

Ten people can look at the same picture and see it differently.

As Frederick Frank puts it “By these labels we recognize

 everything, and no longer see anything. We know the labels on the bottles, but never taste the wine.”

The difference between looking and seeing is in how involved you are in the action. You look at a flower that has been named a tulip or a rose but can you go beyond that and feel the colour, the softness, the strength, the gentleness? Do you experience what the flower is trying to share with you? Look around and ‘experience’ the every day things around you for this ‘moment in time’ is short lived. Don’t let the life in the world around you go by without being involved in it. Stop, see, experience.  

For me my aim is to create images that express what I see, feel and experience but for you I am hoping that you will take time to experience the image as you see and feel. My art is on my websites and in galleries so you can experience them in your own way.    

     Since 2003 I have displayed and sold my work at many art shows, galleries, offices and libraries. In 2019 I was fortunate to receive the Peterbourgh County Leadership Award for Arts and Culture.