WAAC member Susana Wald opens “En busca de lo inasible” (In search of the ungraspable) at the Fine Arts Museum in Santiago, Chile on May 13 to September 10. A catalogue of the show may be ordered at http://editorial.utalca.cl/html/ebook_frm.php



Artist Statement:

I’m a Surrealist artist and a writer. I have worked in visual arts for over sixty years, first in ceramics and in the last thirty five years in painting and printmaking. I had my first solo show in Chile, in 1963 and after that I have been able to show my work in Canada and several countries of Europe. Yet my work had few followers or commentators and I was relatively unknown. When I was 78 my life took a radical turn: Macarena Bravo a young Chilean art historian “discovered” my art; since then she has become a tireless promoter of it. It is this woman who understood best what I have achieved and she is the organizer of the retrospective show of my work that will be shown in four large rooms of the Santiago Fine Arts Museum. This exhibition is made possible by the support of Guillermo García, a Chilean entrepreneur who is actively collecting and promoting my work since 2013 and owns the large majority of the pieces that will be shown. It is definitely fabulous to have been able to live long enough to see this event’s birth and development. I’m thankful and truly overjoyed.